Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Success! (I think)

This morning Zeke refused to wear the big boy underwear.  I didn't push the matter.  After the first diaper change of the day, I suggested again that we try the underwear and Zeke accepted.  He pulled the underwear up, worked on his shorts, and announced that he had to go pee.  
I was very excited and rushed all of us to the bathroom for the procedure.  I knew that there would likely be no pee (we had just changed his diaper and he hadn't drunk anything in the last hour), but that was ideal for a first attempt.  He wasn't actually in dire straights so I could be urgent without rushing.  
When he was all done, dressed and washed up, I cheered him on as he went to his special money dish to get a coin for the M&M machine:
 He enjoyed getting the coin, putting it in the slot, turning the crank, and watching two M&Ms fall into the slot at the bottom.  He even shared one with Mama.  With chocolate dripping from his lips, he chewed his M&M and announced, "Zeke wants to potty train!" and dashed back into the bathroom to go again.

Zeke's throne.
We spent much of today in the bathroom.  It was miserable for Ben, exhilarating for Zeke and exhausting for me.  But he stayed dry all day, even at the park.  There was a minor nap time leak, but I expected that (and worse).
Tomorrow I am going to stress emptying the bladder completely before getting off the pot, and I think I will stop rewarding just sitting - there must be actual tinkling to earn an M&M.
Hooray Zeke!

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thisismike said...

Good times! What a great Mom you are. I hope today goes better.