Sunday, October 31, 2010

For this is Halloween...Booo!

Zeke and Mike, two of the three cars in the GravyTrain ("Grey-V Train").
We celebrated Halloween yesterday, as today is the sabbath and not a good time for secular frivolity. We celebrated by going in group costume to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat party and we brought chili for the chili cook-off and decorated a trick-or-treating room. (There were no trunks at our trunk-or-treat; all activities took place inside our building.)

This is the pumpkin that Mike carved and we entered into the pumpkin carving competition. It's an awesome Pooh Bear, but we didn't win.
Zeke ate waaaaaaay too much sugar even though we took him home for a nap long before the actual trick-or-treating part of the event. He did not go trick-or-treating anywhere this year and is still clueless as to how that works. All the better. Next year we will fight the too-much-candy battle.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween is Coming...

Zeke is generally oblivious to the concept of Halloween (no biggie, he also disregards the germ theory of medicine) so we have been keeping our celebrations minimal this year. We took him to a pumpkin patch and he tried, alternatively, to lift every pumpkin that was too heavy for him and to kick every pumpkin that was not. We bought a small pumpkin and will be carving it tomorrow night, but probably after he goes to bed.
He also has a costume, which he wore to his music class last Monday. I forgot my camera so you will have to wait for pictures from Saturday's upcoming Trunk-Or-Treat.
Alas, there will be no viewing of Sweeney Todd this year - we forgot to rent it from Netflix and no live performances are playing in our area. Worry not, we own the score, so we will sing our favorites before we go to bed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last week I took the dreaded glucose challenge test so my doctor could decide whether or not I am a gestational diabetic. She scheduled this test during week 13 of my pregnancy (due to my past history) and I was a snotty, uncooperative patient who refused to take the test several times. Last week, week 26, I finally gave in and drank the orange drink.
Results: Normal
Hooray! Hooray! This does not mean that I get to eat cookies and ice cream everyday, all day, but it does mean that I can stop being afraid of bread.

Monday, October 11, 2010

October? Huh?

An exhausted Zeke shows us he is ready for naptime.

We are all moved in. As long as you don't count the fifteen or so boxes that are taking up space in my bedroom. I think at the end of October I'll sell each box for $5, just to get rid of them, and market each as a "Surprise Box!". It'll be a surprise for us because we don't really know what's in them, and a surprise for the new owner because maybe they really need random pictures of our family or general office supplies and a collection of random paperbacks.
I miss many things about the old apartment, but I'm trying to forget all that stuff. Well, I'm going to write it all down in a journal so I can remember it for the next time we move, but then I'm going to forget it. There are some things I'm trying to "forget" about our new apartment too: the airport noise, the number of keys I have to carry around at all times to be able to get from point A to point B within the complex, the proliferation of snotty DogPeople. There was an open house yesterday for one of the units just down the hall from us. Asking price was $450k. We're definitely not interested.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silverfish and Fleas

Our new apartment was mostly clean when we first came here, but I promise we have not kept it that way. We did not, however, bring the fleas or the silverfish with us. Before we signed a lease, the realtor assured me that the previous tenants did not have pets, and I believed her. What I didn't realize was that the rest of the building does have pets. (With great sarcasm)Yippee.
So we track the fleas in from outside and I slowly work on killing them. My only successful method of flea killing involves drowning. Those buggers are tough but they can't swim, and they can't breathe underwater.
One day as I was busy drowning a flea and gloating as he died, Zeke was watching. He was very interested in what I was doing, but was too short to see. He ran and miraculously found one of his shoes and came back quickly showing me that he was ready to kill fleas too. I turned him loose on a silverfish that was stuck in the shower. It was fantastic.