Friday, May 29, 2009

And then there were four...

   We own three pacifiers.  Just three.  This picture, taken at 9pm on Friday the 29th in our own cramped kitchen, shows four pacifiers.  Four of them.  Where did the fourth one come from?  We believe it showed up on Thursday of this week, but we can't be sure.  Unaware of the interloper, we freely used all four pacifiers for all of Thursday and all of Friday when the addition was clearly identified.  First I panicked, then I stared stupidly at a fixed spot trying to remember every minute of Thursday and Friday, and finally I gathered up all four pacifiers to be sterilized.  Wherever it came from, I sure hope it had only friendly germs that will build Zeke's immune system without causing a miserable illness.  
   To quote Mike, "Well, we lose a video camera but we find a pacifier.  That works."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost Video Camera

   We have discovered the first casualty of our last move:  the video camera.  Mike and I have talked about getting it out to record this or that, but we decided to get serious about posting a short clip of Zeke rolling over.  As we searched the apartment we discovered many things in boxes and stuffed into closets, but no video camera.  I'm sure it's here somewhere, right?  That or we accidentally gave it away to GoodWill.  Anyway, just trust us; Zeke rolls over.  And, for now, the rolling will only be done via live performance. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whitney Prep 02

   The excursion has reached a critical point:  several of the hikers have begun to vocalize doubts about the worthiness of the peak.  It stinks of sabotage. 
   I believe that hiking (and climbing) is all about wanting the altitude.  Back when I was breaking in my first pair of climbing shoes in the bouldering caves of the Quarry, I used to mock the muscled men there who would shout at each other (and sometimes me) to commit to the next move, or commit to the route.  I thought that was a silly thing to shout, especially since my experience was that wanting to finish the route had no correlation with being physically able to climb the route.  
  But for this climb, for Whitney, I believe that commitment is essential.  Any fool can plod up the mule route, but it takes determination and desire to see it as more than plodding up a mule route.  I have decided that I want to be at the top of the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States on July 11 and, as long as Mike is with me, it doesn't matter if anyone else is.     

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rolling with Zeke's homies

This morning, Zeke rolled over from his belly to his back. Mike was at work, but Zeke was kind enough to offer a repeat performance this evening under Mike's watch. Not his wristwatch, but ... well, nevermind.

We're very excited about Zeke's awesome performance. If we can catch it on film, we'll post it in such a way that you'll be forced to watch. Hooray!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


   Today our little family traveled to San Diego (actually to a spot south of San Diego and about 7 miles north of the Mexican boarder) to attend the California Bankruptcy Forum's annual bankruptcy conference.  It is a meet-and-greet fest for bankruptcy attorneys that is obscenely expensive and, therefore, attended mainly by the highest billing attorneys from the swankiest firms.  Oh, and by judges, who get in for free. 
   I was attending as a panelist for one of the education programs entitled, "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Year?"  I was one of the Fifth Years - even though I am technically a Sixth Year.  
   My event went relatively well.  I was the only female attorney in the Fifth Year panel and I was also a favorite pick by the contestants.  I gave loud and proud answers and I was wrong 66% of the time.  But the bankruptcy judge in charge used several of the questions I drafted for the event, which made me feel better.  
   Mike, my hero, watched Zeke for the five-hour ordeal.  We were supposed to stay until 9pm or 10pm, but we called it quits at 2:30pm.  It's very hard to keep Zeke happy and quiet when there is no home base, no comfy brown chair to rock him in, no quiet nursery where you can set him down for a solid 20 minute nap.  Five hours was plenty.  
   My, but it was nice to wear a suit again, to meet new attorneys, to think about new things, be in new places, and learn new things... 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bubbles of Fun

Zeke has started drooling. He blows delicious bubbly raspberries with his saliva and then slowly drools everything out. We've started to make him wear a bib because otherwise the front of his shirt would be constantly wet. He also likes to eat the bib, which is located right near his mouth for convenient sucking.
In other news, we ordered Mike's cap and gown for the grand graduation ceremony on June 13. I am looking forward to sitting in the hot sun, waiting patiently for all the names of the engineering graduates to be read in dignified, slow tones, and cheering raucously for my handsome graduate. Since Mike changed his last name we won't have to wait until the end of the alphabet for the big moment; Zeke has to be good for only the first quarter.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Whitney Prep 01

The permits have been secured and the anticipation has begun.  This being my second attempt at Mt. Whitney, I hope to actually log some miles on the trail.  My first attempt was not exactly planned and was quickly abandoned in favor of a job in China.  This time I successfully entered the permit lottery and won six trail spots for a 2-day trek on the Friday-to-Saturday first full moon in July.  Let's hope the summit snow is substantially melted by then.  

Total hiking distance :  approx. 21 miles.  
Total elevation gain :    5,860 ft.   
Summit altitude:           14,497 ft.

   Where will Zeke be during the anticipated 18 hour event?  In Lone Pine with Grandma and Grandpa.  Where will Mike be?  Alternatively sweating and freezing on the trail with me.  How is a nursing mother with an almost-five-month-old-baby going to manage?  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Dawn

   The Server, which has been a valued member of our household for several years now, is about to be decommissioned.  It has provided a unique blogging venue, a secure tunneling port, bragging rights for Mike, and a platform for that semi-cool school project (youstayfly lives!)... but no more.

   Sadly, The Server was brought down by Verizon, who made it impossible for many of our good readers to get to our family blog even with Mike's work-around.  Therefore, we have grudgingly joined the masses at, with a renewed determination to blog early and blog often.