Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don't drown

The swimming lessons are done.  Phew!

The boys are very good swimmers now, although the teacher warned us that Ben, or any 2 year old, will have difficulty retaining his new skill without frequent practice.  In the week since the lessons ended I've already seen the signs of forgetfulness, but he's still a very energetic (and happy) swimmer.

Zeke is just about fearless in the pool and loves to dive to the bottom.  He thinks that the section of water that is 8 feet deep is just right for him.  (I do not agree.) 

My favorite "Zeke at Swimming Lessons" story is one his teacher told me.  She wanted him to learn about diving into the pool safely and said that he should never dive head first.  She said there were lots of fun ways to jump into the pool, like a Cannonball jump, and would he like to try it?  Zeke got very excited and said he wanted to show her a special jump he did with his Dad.  She said, okay, what jump?  He said, "A Helicopter."  Then he got out of the pool and prepared to show her.  She was just thinking that maybe this wasn't a good idea when he jumped anyway, doing a twist move in the air after which he barely missed the edge of the pool and flopped into the water, belly first.  She decided not to do any more jumps with Zeke.   

This is a video of Zeke touching the 8-foot bottom of the pool

Those swim lessons would have been impossible without the help of kind grandparents who came out to help on multiple occasions.  It was an amazing help to have someone hold Lily so I could corral the boys.  Thank you to the grandmas!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013