Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Failure! (I'm sure)

Today, Zeke wore big boy underpants for approximately 1.7 hours.  He peed in the pot once, got two M&Ms as a reward and was privileged to drink apple juice and grape soda.  
Then, at approximately 9:15 am, Zeke melted into a weeping, gnashing pile of two year-old.  I changed him into a diaper at 10:15 am, hoping that it would reestablish balance.  I was wrong.  The tantrums lasted until nap time when he cried himself to sleep.  He woke early from his nap, told me he was disappointed I was not his father, and resumed his tantrums.
I may not have strength enough for more potty training.


thisismike said...

There are not enough cookies in the world to deal with this. I'm sorry.

And, if you thought he was not a pile of mush when I came home, he promptly melted down after he saw me.

We figure a video of today would make a great case for Nanny 911. They would say, "Oh, well good job with the sleep training and weaning, but you've done everything else wrong."

ol' Bob said...

I'm sorry to hear about the frustration. I'm sure you're doing everything well, but he IS a two-year-old, no? As somebody out there says, one day at a time.

thisismike said...

By way of updates, he pooped in the toilet this morning. Tina and Zeke had a video chat with me this morning so we could all praise Zeke together.

Hooray for no stool withholding!

Hi Lowe! said...

Yay! Potty training is a big step! You can do it Zeke!

Robert said...

Its amazing that parent overcome the trauma of potty training. We know a good family counselor if you need one. Keep up the great work.
Stay calm and keep going.

Mom & Dad

MWilson said...

Just wait until he starts to drive. That will require more strength!