Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The boys got hair cuts!  Haircuts are hard things for my boys - they seem to feel each individual hair as it is being snipped.  They don't like scissors and they don't like clippers.  They are not distracted by anything (movies, flashing lights, mom and dad doing a tap dance) and they don't respond to bribes (For example, Zeke once cried through a hair cut and then cried some more when I denied him the chocolate mint piece I'd promised him if he didn't cry.  Zeke 2, Mom 0).  I like to buzz them because, I figure they're going to cry anyway so I might as well make it fast and short.

Here are the wild men before:

 Swinging at Grandma's house
Chillin' before church

And here are the Buzzed Boys now:

Blond Ben
Almost-there Zeke

People tell us now that they are very obviously brothers.  =)
I think that in 80% of my pictures Ben is chewing on one of his fingers and/or Zeke is trying to pick his nose.  My boys are terrific.