Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We went to a pumpkin patch and didn't buy a pumpkin.  But we had lots of fun jumping in the bouncy houses and petting some farm animals.  Well, okay, Zeke did not have fun petting the animals.  There was a feisty ram who scared him.  

This is Ben.  He went to the pumpkin patch too, but he was busy eating an apple as big as his face so the pictures aren't that great.  Here's Ben at home playing with a bean bag (and about to get kicked by Zeke).

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thisismike said...

I can confirm that Ben was very busy eating a gigantic apple. I'm glad we were outside so the bits could fall on the ground (Tina had him in a Baby Bjorn).

The best part was that I got to "help" Zeke through the inflatable obstacle course and down the giant slide at the end. And, the worker only charged for Zeke. That's what we call a free ride.