Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costume Preview

We decided to trick Zeke for one more year.  We told him that this coming Saturday is Halloween, which is the day we will be attending a trunk-or-treat party at church.  So what if he waits one more year before actually knocking a door?  On Saturday there'll be way too much candy and lots of kids in costumes and good, safe fun.  Where we live there isn't really an option for trick-or-treating anyway - I met a lady across the street from us who said she'd lived in her home for 18 years and never had a trick-or-treater, and she'd taken her boys through the neighborhood when they were little and never had a door opened.
And now for a preview of my incredibly handsome boys:  
 Woody Zeke
Ben the Pumpkin 
(He's modeling just the hat here, there's more to come)


thisismike said...

Such cute boys! I love Ben's chimney-sweep outfit. It's wonderful.

Robert said...

wonderful pictures... Certainly sad not to be here Saturday when you come to visit. Zeke has probably forgotten who Grandpa was...Thaks for the great pictures... I also like the chimney sweep outfit for Ben.. or is he Cinderella sweeping while the sisters have gone to the ball>?

Love, Dad