Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot Weekend Away

Mike swelters in the humid afternoon heat

This past weekend we took a trip to MiddleAmerica to visit my brother, Litos, and his family. It turned out to be an ad hoc Family Reunion for my side of the family, motivated by our celebration of Litos' safe return from Iraq. We had crazy fun times, as you can see Zeke enjoying below:

We also participated in a cupcake decorating competition and won an honorable mention (of sorts). Most of the other participants were actual skilled pastry chefs and they accused us of cheating because we went to the library and found books on cupcake decorating, and then brought our own supplies to make the following:
Doesn't that look like delicious hot corn on the cob? I don't think using the library is cheating, and we didn't break any rules either.
The time change has been rough on Zeke, as was the travel part. We decided that we are no longer interested in traveling anywhere with Zeke if it takes more than an hour.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving (again)

After months of searching, we have finally found a new apartment. It meets Tina's basic criteria:
- closer to Mike's work
- downstairs
- washer/dryer hookups
- green space nearby

It also has some bonus features, like:
- More space!
- perilously close to a major, international airport!
- POOL on site!
- 2 bathrooms!

Yes, each of those qualities required an exclamation mark.
Zeke checks out a box
The big move is on September 25th. This move will be better than the last because we won't have a less-than-4-week-old baby, we got the biggest stinkin' Uhaul that they offer, and we're not moving a fridge, washer or dryer. Even though there is significant benefit to moving as often as we do ("purging" and "downsizing" are terms that we embrace), I'm hoping that we stay in this new place for two solid years. It would be the longest tenancy of our marriage.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Announcement Time!

We have a few announcements, but the first is: It's a Boy! We went for an ultrasound, and the results are that we will be having a healthy boy around January 25th, confirming our previous estimate. All fingers and toes are there, everything looks good, and we got a pretty good shot of his junk to prove the sex.

Pictures for you:

A Foot
His foot

His junk

You can find a few more here.

In other news, Zeke went to nursery for the first time last week. He cried for about 45 minutes before I took pity on the nice volunteers who run the show and went in to be with him. He was fine once I was in there, although he didn't know the routine yet.

We made him wear his nice suit for this one:

And when we try to take away Pooh Bear and Binky for a nice picture?

From this, we learn that HappyZeke = SadZeke + PoohBear .

But he did color a nice picture for us. We document it here so we can throw it away, like we will with all of his weekly coloring gifts. Not because we won't appreciate the gifts, just because we're heartless.

Finally, Tina is beginning to show signs of feeling less nauseas nausaeaous sick. We won't visit any buffets for a few more weeks, but she looks forward to not hurling.

Look for updates on name voting, now that we know it's a boy. And, of course, feel free to add your suggestions [Previous post].