Friday, October 7, 2011

New Paradigm

We didn't quit.
He's quite an amazing boy, I think, because he's had only 2.5 accidents since we started with underwear, and there's been no bowel accidents.  He is proud of his big boy underwear and he's generally very excited to go "potty training" (which means, 'go pee in the pot'.  Sometimes he's too cute to correct).
Zeke had a spot of trouble on Thursday related to a bowel movement.  We had a very successful start - that morning he made a small offering in the pot which I celebrated loudly.  We promptly got a hold of Dad on a video chat and did some more celebrating.  Then Zeke announced that he had to "go potty training" again, and we hustled off to the bathroom.  He sat on the pot for about 10 minutes with no result.  When I suggested that he get off, get an M&M and come back later if he needed to, he immediately melted down, kicking and screaming and crying and refusing to get off the pot.  (He took a swing at Ben when I got close and tried to help him stand up.)

I stayed calm and told him that I would help him off the pot whenever he decided he was ready - something that never happened.  I forcibly took him off the pot about 40 minutes later when it was time for a nap.  And yes, he was screaming and crying that entire time.
Today, Friday, we had no meltdowns.  That is an incredible blessing.  But we've also had no poops.  In light of yesterday's micro-poop I am beginning to suspect a constipation battle.  There's a plan for tomorrow that includes natural laxatives, more water and a trip to Awesome Park, so cross your fingers.

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Robert said...

IT all sounds promising. Stay Calm and keep going. We pray for no more melt downs.
Mom & Dad