Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day At the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Zoo with Nightingale, Gingernut and Thumbalina. It was a crazy fun time even though I think Zeke was just a little young for the experience.

I know for sure that Zeke saw the flamingos because they were pink, tall, numerous, and very loud (and a little smelly). He pointed, stared, talked and then he started mimicking the noise the birds were making. I needed video to capture the full effect. And he kept making the noise even as we walked away.
Above: Thumbalina, our expert map reader.

Other than the flamingos, Zeke noticed that the zoo is outside, there are lots of pools of water and waterfalls, there's some good dirt and many, many plants. He also noticed these stairs by the chimpanzees. It was the best exhibit for both him and Gingernut.

Thanks for a fun day, it was great to be outside!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Road Bike, Part 2: The End

Well, since there are only a handful of people who read this, and everyone already knows, I won't share too many details.

I was riding my new bike to work today, which is mostly along a beach path but ventures into city riding for a short stretch. This was the second time I had ridden to work, and I was excited but a little sore. Anyway, I ended up getting hit by a car making a left turn.

Neither the car nor I were going terribly fast, and I didn't hit my head in any way that showed damage to my helmet. I hit the car on the front driver-side light, and then hit the windshield with enough force to leave a smash about 1 foot square. I don't have any pictures of the car, I'm sorry to say.

I didn't black out, and the most damage I suffered was some bruising on my right hip, possibly from the windshield, and a puncture wound on my left shin which required four stitches. I have a collection of road rash on my left hand, my left elbow, and my right shin, and a serious goose egg on my left shin below the puncture.

I have included a picture of my bike, and I will include a link to the public album on Picasa, but there is some blood, so don't go if you are squeamish. Also, there's a not-flattering picture of my right hip, so don't go if you mind seeing that.


I am fine now, thank you. There were no broken bones, I got 4 stitches and a CAT scan, and everything seems to be fine. I'm very sore, but I have good drugs and plan to be back at work tomorrow. And, no, I wouldn't be riding my bike even if it was working.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Road Bike!

Mike has acquired a new bike, specially chosen for his commute to work. There are white cardboard covers on most of the bike in this picture, so as not to blind you with the brilliant yellow coloring. Sheezam! Bike commuting takes considerable planning, but it'll be worth it if it gets him off those lousy freeways.
I am secretly jealous of Mike's bike commuting plan. I think that he will have tremendous bragging rights and significant personal satisfaction from actually biking 32 miles every weekday. I would also consider that an excuse for guilt-free cookie consumption. Too bad my commute is so short. There's no bragging rights for walking fifteen steps each morning to fetch my charge out of his crib.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snaggle Tooth

Zeke got his third tooth! The new tooth is on the top left. It is not one of the front teeth, but probably the tooth in between the front teeth and the left eye tooth. It shows and looks very silly when he snorts, which is his new favorite expression.
Zeke went to the Doctor for his one year check up and she said he is a tall, healthy 1 year old who will be getting more teeth very soon. Then she gave him four shots, which made him very sad, TweetyBird band-aids not withstanding. He wouldn't be consoled until he crushed the paper Dixie cup she handed to him with a few animal crackers in it. He thought the crushing was very fun. (And he didn't seem to mind the animal crackers either.)