Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we split time between Grandparents and had a fabulous day filled with fun and family. The morning was spent with the maternal Grandparents at Awesome Beach. A crew, including Mike, rode Segways along the bike path and took a tour of some famous nearby California beach locations. Here's a picture of the Segway Sextet:
Note Mike in the middle, flexing his bicep.
These were very fun toys, although Mike did laugh when someone shouted at him "What, are you too lazy to walk?" I stayed behind and played with Zeke - we played in the perfect Pacific for the very first time. He seemed to like it, but the water was too cold for him. I thought it was delicious and a perfect day for chilling at the beach.
The afternoon and early evening were spent with the paternal Grandparents, enjoying delicious Chinese food for the dinner part of Thanksgiving, and visiting and relaxing at home. Zeke crawled everywhere and got into everything and enjoyed all of Legoman's toys while he was away for the day. Good times were had by all.

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Cristy said...

How fun that your family rode Segways today! Chad and I did that when we were at Disneyland for our anniversary and we LOVED it! But today while you were at the beach, we were taking the kids for a walk in the SNOW. Ok, there was only a little dusting of snow, but snow nonetheless. Brrrr.... that's all I have to say about that! Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Cristy