Saturday, November 14, 2009

Teeth x2

Zeke has two little teeth. On the bottom, in the front, just like the baby development books told me would happen. The first tooth broke the surface on November 3, and the second one became visible just recently.
Check out those devastatingly blue eyes:
Zeke's favorite teething toy would be paper. Or mommy's finger. Or one of the plastic containers for store-bought baby food. He can be right vicious to one of those plastic containers. We added teeth and gum brushing to his bedtime routine using a special toothbrush for babies that slips over a parent's finger. Mike tells me Zeke really just bites down on the thing while Mike tries to move it around to brush. Zeke is very happy the whole time, but he doesn't quite grasp the concept.

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ol' Bob said...

Meanwhile a certain cousin who does grasp the concept screams bloody murder whenever it's time to brush.Perhaps it's a throwback to the long period of time when he had a bad cavity.

Congratulations to Zeke and his genes for popping out those teeth. Today plastic containers, tomorrow peanut brittle.