Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Portrait

After much debate, planning, calculating, and three re-scheduled appointments, we took our family photo for 2009. Here is the unofficial version (copyright Mike who pressed the button on our camera before hurrying to get in the frame during the 10 second delay):

I'm sorry it came through grainy - it looks great in the original file. You can still see Zeke's cute belly button and just how tired he really is. He was all smiles at 6:30 a.m. today when he woke up, but that energy wore off long before we got to the studio. We'll get the official version in two weeks.


thisismike said...

Oh, he's such a cute boy, and you are very beautiful! I love that dress. Did you get that from one of the fancy little boutiques in Manhattan? Perhaps in Beverly Hills?

Here's what Zeke thinks:
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Robert said...

I love all your pictures. Grandma Louise is very excited about your December visit to Utah.