Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving started off with a wild night under the big top - Mike and I went to see one of the Cirque shows with Grandma, Grandpa, Betty Edit and friend Glittergal. Even more amazing - we sat on the very front row. A clown tied a balloon for me in the shape of a hair dryer and then another clown beat Grandpa over the head with it. Crazy times. Here's a picture of the circus tents from above:
It was an amazing show, although I will admit that I closed my eyes while the contortionists performed. There were some outlandish costumes and more than once I found myself thinking, "Kudos to whoever had to sew that."
Of course, Thanksgiving truly began with a 3 hour drive from CitybytheBeach to Hometown, a drive that can take as little at 45 minutes in light traffic. Zeke was not pleased with the drive and was very vocal about his opinion. I have decided that I will no longer travel anywhere, not even the grocery store (especially not the grocery store), on the day before Thanksgiving.

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thisismike said...

Oooh, that was so much fun! You are amazing for making that 3 hour drive. I'm sorry I drove separately. You are amazing, and I love you.