Friday, November 13, 2009


Tina brought Zeke out to Chuck E Cheese the other day, and met a collection of folk including Grandma, Nightingale, Thumbelina, Ginger Nut, and The Treat, a real motley crew. The day went well enough, with Zeke enjoying several firsts: first taste of pepperoni pizza, first taste of Sprite, first attempt at Whack-A-Mole.

At some point close to nap time, Grandma and Zeke piled into the little photo-generating ride, slipped in some tokens, and took a great little picture. Sorry, we don't have a copy of that picture to post.

Then, it was Tina's turn to take a picture with Zeke. Here's how it turned out:

Very Sad Zeke

He was more than a little sad, probably because the ride makes you sit for 30 seconds while they do whatever warm-up procedures they have to do.

But the picture is just hilarious.

Everybody survived the trip and had a good time, even Zeke. Tina drove home and he took his well-deserved nap eventually. And now we have a memorialized copy of this most wonderful picture.

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Hi Lowe! said...

I love how the picture frame says "My trip to Chuck e cheese". So funny! I'm sorry he was so tired... =) What a fun day!