Friday, May 29, 2009

And then there were four...

   We own three pacifiers.  Just three.  This picture, taken at 9pm on Friday the 29th in our own cramped kitchen, shows four pacifiers.  Four of them.  Where did the fourth one come from?  We believe it showed up on Thursday of this week, but we can't be sure.  Unaware of the interloper, we freely used all four pacifiers for all of Thursday and all of Friday when the addition was clearly identified.  First I panicked, then I stared stupidly at a fixed spot trying to remember every minute of Thursday and Friday, and finally I gathered up all four pacifiers to be sterilized.  Wherever it came from, I sure hope it had only friendly germs that will build Zeke's immune system without causing a miserable illness.  
   To quote Mike, "Well, we lose a video camera but we find a pacifier.  That works."


thisismike said...

That sounds more like a paraphrase. I would much rather have a video camera, although this might be the Universe trying to remind me that family is more important than material possessions.

Of course, documenting family memories is also important. Who will win?

ol' Bob said...

It sounds as if you're trying to get entirely too deep with this camera thing. Sometimes stuff just happens.

That was really fast with the picture of D and Z.