Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost Video Camera

   We have discovered the first casualty of our last move:  the video camera.  Mike and I have talked about getting it out to record this or that, but we decided to get serious about posting a short clip of Zeke rolling over.  As we searched the apartment we discovered many things in boxes and stuffed into closets, but no video camera.  I'm sure it's here somewhere, right?  That or we accidentally gave it away to GoodWill.  Anyway, just trust us; Zeke rolls over.  And, for now, the rolling will only be done via live performance. 


renée said...

Don't your cell phones take video? Oh, wait... you don't have cell phones. :o) Ok, but really, don't your cameras take video? I mean, if you have actual cameras.

Nicole said...

You can borrow mine if you want. I also love the picture on the top of Zeke and Aubree.