Friday, May 8, 2009

Whitney Prep 01

The permits have been secured and the anticipation has begun.  This being my second attempt at Mt. Whitney, I hope to actually log some miles on the trail.  My first attempt was not exactly planned and was quickly abandoned in favor of a job in China.  This time I successfully entered the permit lottery and won six trail spots for a 2-day trek on the Friday-to-Saturday first full moon in July.  Let's hope the summit snow is substantially melted by then.  

Total hiking distance :  approx. 21 miles.  
Total elevation gain :    5,860 ft.   
Summit altitude:           14,497 ft.

   Where will Zeke be during the anticipated 18 hour event?  In Lone Pine with Grandma and Grandpa.  Where will Mike be?  Alternatively sweating and freezing on the trail with me.  How is a nursing mother with an almost-five-month-old-baby going to manage?  Stay tuned...

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