Monday, June 1, 2009

Whitney Prep 03

   The hiking party has been finalized and the training has begun!  
   A huge thanks to Juliet for her motivating influence.  Juliet made a goal to get out and hike something - anything - every Saturday between now and D-day.  I could not go with her this last Saturday and, it seems, cannot go with her for the next two Saturdays.  It may be a good thing that I cannot go because I do not have the milk supply for multiple long hikes.  When hiking I will be forced to "pump and dump", which means that Zeke will be fed from the supply of milk I have accumulated in the freezer.  I will need approximately 32 oz. for D-day itself and my current supply is about 24 oz., so I don't have a whole lot of milk to spare for training hikes.  
   Instead of hiking, Mike and I have committed to running.  Tonight I ran 2 miles in the hilly streets of my neighborhood.  Mike is currently out running his route.  The goal is to run everyday and hike when we can.  It may not be ideal training for Whitney, but it will have to do.  
  The finalized hiking party is:
   The Treat
   The Baker

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thisismike said...

Woohoo! I am excited!