Monday, August 1, 2011

Zeke Speaks in the Past Tense

"Zeke throwed the ball and Mama taked it away."

"Daddy camed home from work."

"Zeke will change into a baby and fly on an airplane."

Awesome conversation

Zeke: Did you find a gross cracker.
Mom: Oh? Did Zeke find a cracker?
Zeke: Yeah. (wrinkles nose) Groooooss.
Mom: Where was it?
Zeke: Right there. (moves to location and points)
Mom: What happened to it?
Zeke: (chewing) You ate it. (swallows) You want a new cracker.

Pronouns are tricky things, yo.

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thisismike said...

My new favorite:

"Mom put'd the ball down", but you have to say it, "putched".