Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awesome Conversation

Ben, Zeke and I were sitting on some stairs outside watching the garbage truck this morning.  Since I watch Zeke much more than the garbage man, I saw him put his hand to his mouth and start chewing.
"What was that?"  I asked.
No response.
"What did you put in your mouth?"
"He's going to push a button!"  Zeke said, fascinated.
"Zeke, are you eating something?"  I asked again, looking around at the possibilities.  "Is it a rock?  Zeke?  Are you chewing on a rock?"
"No," he said, still captivated by the truck.
"Is it a leaf?  What is it?  What did you put in your mouth?"
"Is it a booger."
"A booger.  How's that?  How's that -"  I paused to rephrase.  "Where'd you get the booger?"
"From Zeke's nose," he said casually.
"Oh.  So you got a booger from Zeke's nose and put in in your mouth?"
"I picked a booger!" he said, demonstrating.
"Well, how's that taste?"  I asked.


ol' Bob said...

Words fail me.

Robert said...

Grandpa says: Smart Boy that Zeke.
Grandma says: Tell him its Gross KaKa...
He did use the I form of the pronoun..