Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A good friend advised me that three things are required for a happy day as a stay-at-home mom:

1. enough sleep
2. daily spiritual nourishment
3. limited or no computer time while the kids are awake

I think her formula works for me, but I am finding step one to be impossible.
I won't mention the certain someone who thinks he needs to eat at 2am and 5am every morning. Nor will we discuss the fact that doing dishes and cleaning my kitchen is a tremendous time-suck that postpones my bedtime by at least 45 minutes at night. My latest problem is that I have become a food hippie.
Why did I spend three hours today making organic carrot baby food for Ben?
Why am I planning a "baking day" on Saturday to prepare two high-fiber, non-cereal recipes for Zeke's breakfast?
What's wrong with Del Taco Dinner Night?
The American Woman today spends, on average, 15 minutes preparing dinner each night. What's wrong with being average?


ol' Bob said...

You're superior, not average.

ol' Bob said...

Still ... organic carrot baby food?

Robert said...

Don't go average now... you've always been an overachiever..

Love, Mom & Dad

Mike And Tina said...

"Baking Day" is an early success! Zeke ate 2.5 muffins for breakfast this morning instead of 2.5 bites of cereal. He was happier, and so was I. Maybe tomorrow will be similar.
Note: muffins are whole wheat with wheat germ and very little sugar.
2nd note: we are planning a fat/protein supplement to be added to the new toddler breakfast later this week.