Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Double the Fun

Zeke loves to jump on Mom and Dad's bed.  He is not allowed, of course, but he still climbs up there and tests the rule, seeing just how much bounce he can put into his "walk" on the bed before he gets a time out.  One afternoon, Ben was watching Zeke play on the bed and he crawled over and tried to pull himself up.  I helped him get up because, well, he's just so little and cute.  Ben quickly crawled over to Zeke and tried to do exactly what Zeke was doing, and then he tried to eat Zeke's face.  That means he really likes you.

I pulled Ben away and reset him at the far edge of the bed in crawl position.  He immediately started back for Zeke, who also got into the crawl position and continued to test the "no jumping" rule.  I was poised and ready to prevent anyone from falling off the bed, but I wasn't ready for what happened next.
Zeke crawled forward with a bounce and Ben crawled forward at the same time, and two hard heads bashed together.  From my vantage point, it looked like Zeke's face smacking into the top of Ben's head.  Regardless, both boys took a breath and sent up true, loud, and heart-wrenching pain cries.  Both cried real tears, grabbed mama, and tried to force the other one off my lap.
I did my best to comfort the two simultaneously, wondering if there were any actual injuries.  An open mouthed, sobbing Zeke lifted his head and showed me a mouthful of blood.
After I hustled him to the kitchen, checked for other injuries and gave him a Popsicle, he was ready to let me examine his mouth.  There was a pretty good-sized puncture mark in the middle of his tongue, kind-of towards the tip.  I figured he probably bit it and focused on tricking Ben into letting me put a cold pack on the angry, red goose-egg growing on the top of his head.
After ten minutes the tongue was still bleeding, so I called the doctor.  She assured me that stitches really weren't an option and that the mouth heals quickly.  Then she said, "The nurse made a note that this happened when the boys were on the bed."
"Yes,"  I affirmed.
"And, mama called the doctor."
"Well then, I'm obligated to say this:  'No more monkeys jumping on the bed.'"


Robert said...

Great story - though sad that anyone was hurt.
You are a great mother.

Love Dad

renée said...

Seriously? Oh, that made me laugh so hard (not the injuries part, the bit at the end part). :o)

MWilson said...

That was a great one! I am laughing my head off. Sorry they were hurt! Hope they are mending!