Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All about Ben

Ben is definitely a baby now (no longer a newborn).  He smiles, he uses his hands to grab things, and he has his own opinions about what he'd like to be doing and when.  My favorite is when I lay him down on his back and he doesn't want to be laid down so he does a super crunch and holds it until I pick him up.  I learned that he laughs when I lean in close to kiss him, and he likes it when I smooth his hair while he's nursing.  His hair is staying dark, but I think it's falling out in places.  His eyes are staying dark blue and his lashes are just like Zeke's - impossibly long and dark.  He doesn't roll over yet, or sit up on his own, but I'm sure both will happen soon.
Ben is getting stronger and more coordinated with his arms and hands, and he likes to explore my face and neck when I'm holding him in the cradle position.  Zeke will see this and say, "Ben messing with Mama."  It makes me laugh every time.
My house is a mess, my list of undone projects is staggering, and I have a pile of partially read books that is shameful.  But my boys are healthy and growing and their clothes are generally clean.  Good enough.


renée said...

That sounds fantastic.


Robert said...

What a wonderful mother... you made me cry...