Thursday, May 26, 2011


Zeke has carefully developed a technique for getting what he wants that is surprisingly effective.  Here is a sample from this afternoon, approximately 3:42pm.

"Want a binki."
"Zeke wants a binki?  Okay, you can have one at bedtime, but not right now."
"Want a binki right now."
"Not until bedtime."
"Want a binki."
"You can have one at bedtime."
"Want a binki.   Want a binki.  Want a binki.  Want a binki.  Want a binki.  Want A Binki.  Want a Binki.  Want a Binki.  WANT A BINKI!"

"You can have one at bedtime."
"Ready for bedtime."

Awesome, eh?   My patience usually runs out by 5pm, leaving a gap of at least an hour before Mike gets home.  To prevent myself from doing something stupid (like screaming back), I usually give in to his demands and rationalize my weakness.  (It's okay to watch 10 more minutes of Pooh Bear, I haven't had ten peaceful minutes with Ben all day...Fine.  I'll give back the toy I took away because he threw it at Ben's head.  He missed so it doesn't really count...) 
Next post will be about Ben - I promise.

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Hi Lowe! said...

I love it!!!! He is super smart...ready for bed so he can have binki!!!!