Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nutrition and Sleep

Zeke loves to watch Toy Story.  Yeah, pick up your jaws and move on - we do watch TV at my house.  Movies, really, because I hate actual television, but we still watch.  Zeke gets to watch whenever I am feeding Ben and I am also tired, grumpy, or out of good distraction ideas.  Anyway, in Toy Story, there is a scene where the bad boy next door is torturing Woody and "playing" interrogator (or something like that) and he mom suddenly shouts to him, "Sid, your Pop Tarts are ready!"  The boy immediately runs out of the room, excited, and the viewer is then allowed to see that he was already enjoying a first breakfast in his room of sugary Fruit Loops in milk.
As I have now seen Toy Story more times than any other movie I have ever seen, this moment has stayed with me, and helped me make an important decision:
I will not be Sid's mom.  
My boys will not behave like Sid.
In order to accomplish this goal, I have made two resolutions.
(1)  Overt sugar, including Pop Tarts, will be a treat, not a daily occurrence.
(2)  Soda pop will have no harbor in my home.  
As it seems that a toddler's world is influenced primarily by example, these rules apply to me first, and to Zeke second.  This was day two of my resolve.  I had no idea how much I relied on chocolate to compensate for fatigue.

Coming next week:  preliminary reports on Ben's sleep training!


ol' Bob said...

And what does daddy think about the soda rule?

Tina said...

Since the soda rule applies only to our house and Mike has an unlimited supply of soda at his work, he has not made any protest.

Robert said...

We love your writing... you are hilarious..

Mom & Dad

Dimples :) said...

Hey. Chocolate is medicine in my dictionary.