Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Can Hear You Just Fine

Recently I was at a park with Zeke and we were done.  Ben was tired and hungry, Zeke was bored with the playground, and my back was ready for a break.  As we walked to the car, Zeke rambled along picking up leaves.
"Come on Zeke," I said, trying to be nice.  He said nothing, and tramped into some bushes in the opposite direction of the car.
"Come on Zeke, let's get to the car," I said.  He still said nothing, climbed out of the bushes and found a low cement curb to walk on.
"Zeke, come on," I repeated, impatiently bouncing Ben and wondering what would happen if I just went to the car and left Zeke to his wandering.  "Zeke, let's go."
I waited a few more seconds and watched him jump around on the grass.  Then, just as I took a breath to repeat myself for the tenth time, Zeke spoke.
Without looking at me he said in his most angry voice, "Zeke!  Come!"
Then he found a drainage grate and stuffed some leaves down it.

"[The two year old's] main way of refusing at this age is not verbal but motor.  The typical Two-year-old, when he does not wish to comply with an adult request, typically gets up and down from his chair, leaves the examining table entirely, explores the room, runs around the room, or hands things to his mother instead of playing with them himself."

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ol' Bob said...

Strange little independent people, aren't they?