Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation Day

On Saturday we celebrated Mike's graduation from University In A Big City. Below is Mike in his official get-up: The orange tassel is for the school of engineering, the gold forrages show his Latin honors, and the collar and honor cords are from an honors society he was invited to join.

Here is Zeke all dressed up to go to his Dad's commencement ceremony:

And here is the cheering squad in the stands:

We hooted and hollered whenever Mike did anything, for example, walking in with the processional, walking across the stage, walking out with the recessional...

This is Mike listening to a boring speech at the ceremony:

He is the guy on the isle seat with a white collar on and one leg sticking out into the isle. The leg sticking out is clearly wearing a tennis shoe and white athletic sock. Mike wore shorts and a T-shirt under his robes instead of the traditional shirt and tie.
And this is our little family after the 3+ hour event (Zeke was wiped out):

Thanks to everyone who supported Mike in this effort. And thanks to everyone who came to the party afterwards to help us celebrate!


ol' Bob said...

Thanks for inviting us. And thanks for posting a few big pictures that I can raid. How about a big one of Zeke with the mortarboard -- the one at the top of the page?

You might want to rescale the sideboard pictures "Something funny to the left" (IMG_0725) and "Ready to Crawl" (IMG_0718). Or maybe it's just this connection

Heide said...

Congrats on graduating, Mike! And thanks for all the great photos. Baby Zeke is so cute! We have his birth announcement hanging up, and every time Asher sees it, he says "baby Zeke!"