Saturday, June 27, 2009

Solid Foods

Zeke went to see his new doctor yesterday. She said that he looks very healthy and strong and is ready to start solid foods. Hooray! We've been allowing Zeke to chew on a baby spoon in anticipation of this grand occasion.
Today we waited for a moment when Zeke looked happy, had just had a good meal of mother's milk, and was energetic about the world. Then we dusted off the high chair we got at a garage sale and set up our new video camera (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!). Mike mixed up a half tablespoon of some of the runniest Oatmeal Cereal and I put our biggest, thickest bib on Zeke.
Here is what unfolded:

Overall he did very well in the new high chair with the new experience. There was no crying or protest screeching, but it did seem like he was more interested in gumming the spoon than eating its contents. We were very pleased with ourselves until, about ten minutes later, he spit up pretty much all of the oatmeal and a good quantity of milk.
Yea, Zeke!


Robert said...

we love the video. Looks like Zeke will be a solid eater. Sorry his first meal was oatmeal - he would have done much better with ice cream.
Love Mom and Dad

Nicole said...

He is doing great!!! I am happy that he is so big and strong. He is adorable. Keep up the good work. How was the new dr?