Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

Zeke celebrated his first Fourth of July in DryWindyValley, visiting with grandparents and uncles and one cousin. He went swimming for the first time in his whole life in Grandma and Grandpa's deliciously heated pool. He looked very cute in his swim outfit and hat, but I was in the pool myself and did not get any pictures.

Zeke wore socks that identified him as "Red, White and Cute" and he wore a red and white striped onesie with blue overalls that got sopping wet with all his drool. The bib of his overalls was a little too close to his mouth and anything that gets close to his mouth will either be placed in the mouth or be generously drooled upon. Again, I have no pictures.

But here is Mr. Zeke in his new umbrella stroller with Mike presenting evidence that it was originally intended to be used by midgets.

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ol' Bob said...

I'll post pictures that you can use when I can get the time on the PC.