Saturday, October 5, 2013

Breaking News!

Zeke broke his right arm, and everyone is very sad, but mostly Zeke. And Tina.
The story of his injury depends on when he tells the story, but it generally goes like this:
We were at a park we don't go to very often.  It has a play structure that's a little bit taller than the stuff we see regularly.  He was playing with some other boys at the playground and someone was going to shoot him in the face with a missile, then he jumped/fell off the play structure. The place he jumped/fell from was about six feet above the ground - which was a nice, squishy AstroTurf.  He landed hard on his right hand and then the right side of his face and crumbled into a ball.
The break is a buckle break and is very common for small children.  He has a cast on for three weeks and will hopefully get it off on the 23rd.
Tina's conversation with the orthopedic doctor after getting the cast went as follows. 
Doctor:  Do you have any questions for me?
Tina:  Sure.  Can he go swimming?
Doctor (offended): No, you have to keep it dry.
Tina: Can we go to the park?
Doctor (slightly more concerned):  No.  No parks, no playgrounds, no climbing or jumping.  No sand and no dirt.
Tina (crestfallen): No sand?!  No dirt!?!  Can he ride his bike?
Doctor (looking incredulous): No.  No bikes or scooters or skateboards or roller skates.  None of that.
Tina (pleading):  Can he jump on the trampoline?
Doctor (firm):  No.  The idea is that he's going to rest for these three weeks.  Take it easy, let it heal.  Otherwise - well, we can always do a glow-in-the dark cast for Halloween.  
Tina (facing stark reality for the first time): What are we going to do? 

Don't worry, Tina made a paper chain to count down the days until we get the cast off.  And hopefully it will have healed, without shifting, so we don't need to wear a cast after that.


Whitney Erickson said...

Poor Zeke. Poor Tina. Hopefully you guys are finding some fun, restful things to stay busy.

Dimples :) said...

Wow! Can't do all those things for that long. Did that doctor have boys of his own?