Thursday, September 26, 2013

Plus and Minus

When Zeke got home from school today I took a moment to focus on him.  I invited him into my "office" (the couch) for a little chat.
"Hey, Zeke, what was your favorite part of school today?"
"Centers?  Oh, centers.  You liked playing in the centers?"
"What did you play?"
"I play everything.  All the time."
"Oh, okay.  And what was something you didn't like about school?"
"Um...the girls."
"Girls?  You don't like the girls at school?"
"Yeah, I don't like playing with them."
"So, like, Kate, who was running on the hill with you after school - you don't like her?  Not so much?"
"No.  Not one bit."

I just wish you could have heard his inflection and seen his face. 

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