Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lost in the Middle

Did you know we have a middle child?  His name is Ben and he's very funny.  Here are some good quotes from last week:

Pig in a Blanket
    We had hotdogs wrapped in tortillas one night for dinner, one of Ben's favorites.  At one point I checked in with him and I saw he had pulled the hotdog out and was trying to get the tortilla wrapped around it again.  I asked what he was doing.  He said: 
"I take-ed it out of the blanket and now it's freezing hot."
Then he covered the hotdog with the tortilla and said:
"I put it back in the blanket and now it's nice and warm."
(Note:  The hotdog was fridge temperature.  I never heat hotdogs for them.  I don't like getting yelled at.)

Ben:         Mom, what comes after eleventy?
Mom:       Eleventy?  Well, Eleventy-one, I guess.
Ben:         And then-?
Mom:       Eleventy-one, Eleventy-two, Eleventy-three...
Ben:          Eleventy-four!
Mom:       Yes, Eleventy-five-
Together:   Eleventy-six, Eleventy-seven, Elevnety-eight...
Mom:        Eleventy-niiiinnnnnne....(waiting)
Mom:        What comes next, Ben?

Ben:           Toodee!!

Mom:         Toodee?
Ben:           Yeah, Toodee!  Toodee-one, Toodee-two, Toodee-three ...
(Zeke's laughter drowns out the rest.  Not because the counting was bad, just because Ben said "Toodee-two.")

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Hi Lowe! said...

Tina!!! Oh Tina!!! This made me laugh sooooo much!!! I miss you!!! I wish we could hang out and talk and laugh together again! Thanks for posting on your blog. Maybe we could talk again soon?

Jenilee Lowe