Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Our building has a pool, and they heat it during the summer.  (That's good stuff, right?)  During the last month, Mike has been taking the boys swimming after he gets home from work, and they love pool time with Daddy.
Zeke usually jumps with all his might, and in this picture,
his knees would end up in Mike's face.
Ben prefers the extra warmth (~94ºF) of the kiddie spa
They were both "swimming" using flotation devices (see "noodles" in above pictures) but Mike said that floaties are crutches used only by weaklings and children.  I pointed out that our boys are children. He said that was unacceptable. Then he hid the floaties in a back closet and told the boys the floaties were gross and moldy and had to go.

Zeke cried at first, then he jumped in the water anyway and, guess what? He swims like a fish.

While Mike was staring at Zeke-the-Swimmer, jaw on the ground, Ben jumped in the pool too.  Ben did not swim or float, however, and promptly sank to the bottom.  Mike saved him, of course, but he still won't give back the floaties.


Mike Erickson said...

I do sound mean, but I can assure you that I stay with both boys at all times to keep them safe, and we just started a series of swim lessons that we hope will guarantee Zeke's success and might help Ben get there as well.

Tina said...

You don't sound mean. You sound tough. And manly.