Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day

There was an awesome storm last Friday.  The boys and I were at the Park when it hit and we were drenched making the run from the playground to the minivan.  There was even thunder and lightning  and Zeke did not approve.
Mike has been hatching a "snow day" plan for weeks now and we decided that the storm was a sign from heaven.  The mountains closest to us got 6" of new snow and 6" is enough to slide on, right?
It was.  We didn't make it to the official tubing area on the mountain, but we had good times on a little hill off to the side of the road.  The snow was just perfect when we arrived and it was melting into muddy slush by the time we left.  (I think Ben enjoyed the slush much more than the snow.  He's crazy about puddles.)

 It was a terrific first snow experience.  Zeke was a maniac on his red saucer and was ready to try out any new path.  He was also very fond of eating snow.  I love his enthusiasm.
It's a shame they'll grow out of the snow gear by next year, but maybe there'll be one more storm in February.


Whitney Erickson said...

What a fun day!! I didn't even know you could buy snow gear in CA! ;)

Mike Erickson said...

I spent a few days furiously calling and emailing about Craigslist listings, then I gave up and bought a bunch of stuff from Amazon.

Oh, well.

Robert said...

wonderful report and fun pictures... Its great to hear Zeke talk about eating snow...

Dimples :) said...

Just come to our neck of the woods and we've got snow for you!