Sunday, January 27, 2013

Electronic Post

Dear Zeke,
    Someday you will be older.  You will have a place of your own and things of your own.  You will enjoy order and organization in your surroundings; I know you and I know that's part of who you are.
    On that day, or one day soon after, I will come to visit.  I will wear muddy shoes when I come, and the first thing I will do is jump on your couch while wearing my muddy shoes.  When you protest, I will apologize, smile, remove my shoes, and continue jumping.
    I will drag chairs around your house and put them in places they do not go so I can reach all the tall shelves.  I will take all your things down from the tall shelves, from inside your closet, and from the drawers in your bedroom, and I will scatter your clothes, your toys, and your belongings, all around the first room of your house.  I may do this while you are in the bathroom, or perhaps when you decide to take a phone call.  That way, when you walk into your house, or attempt to leave your house, you will hopefully step on something you do not want stepped on.  If I am very lucky, it will break.
    Before I go, I will ask for a cup of milk.  I will insist that it be a very tall cup of milk and I will scream and whine until you pour the right amount for me.  Then I will take one sip and I will ask to put it in your fridge for later.  I will carefully slosh the milk as I walk to the fridge so that it spills a sticky white trail on your floor, then I will place it gently on the top shelf of your fridge and knock it over.
     I will give you a big hug and kiss, tell you I love you, and leave.  
    Your loving, Mom


Mike Erickson said...

Oh, I'm dying here. That was fantastic. Thank you, Tina. Absolutely perfect.

Robert said...

I would like to come and videotape this visit to Zeke's house.

ol' Bob said...