Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ben's Birthday

Ben is Two!
I'm a little slow on this post - his birthday was a couple of weeks ago.  We had a bifurcated celebration:  we invited neighbors over for cupcakes on Ben's actual birthday and then we had a fun party at Grandma's house on the Saturday after. 
Ben enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  My carpet did not.
Ben loved the fire truck cake that Grandma made.  He loved the candy decorations (gum drops for siren lights!) even more than the frosting.  
 Zeke the Zebra.
Ben's favorite present was this toy leaf blower that actually blows bubbles.  He wasn't a fan of opening presents.  (Zeke did most of that for him.)  He was a fan of using this leaf blower to pretend to shoot everyone in the room.  "Shoot Grandma!"  "Shoot Youkee!"  "Shoot Zeke!"
   We are very glad that Ben is in our family and we are happy to watch him grow and learn everyday.  This next year we are looking forward to:  potty training!  a new sister!  swimming lessons!  riding a bike!  getting out of the high chair!  brushing teeth with effectiveness!  (Too much on that last one?)


Hi Lowe! said...

hi Tina!!! I miss you SOOOOO much!!! Happy Birthday Ben! :) You are a cute 2 year old! Awesome cake! Zeke makes a cute zebra! I love the older post of Zeke helping Ben be happy in his reminds me of Sarah and Bonnie and how they have helped Isaac be happy in the same way! :) You are a great, fun, loving mom!!!

Robert said...

THanks for sharing these great memories and your wonderful sons! We also enjoy watching them grow - but not too fast!

Love, Mom & Dad

Dimples :) said...

That is an awesome cake!

Also, did you just use "bifurcated" in a blog post? You're such a geek! :) In a good way. :)