Sunday, January 20, 2013

Worth it?

I do not like being pregnant.  
I keep telling myself that everything will be different come April 12, but that seems so very far away.  I'm already to that point where sleeping is uncomfortable.  The bed works until 2am, then the chair works until 5am and then to the couch until I hear the boys stir or I can't take it any longer.  

But I do love my boys.  (They are sleeping right now.)  They are cute and fun, and I love when I can make them laugh together.  We are still young and foolish so I can make them laugh by making faces and strange sounds or by pretending to be a dinosaur and crawling around grunting and pretending to eat shoes.  

So the next time I am angry that my body is not currently my own I will imagine Zeke, Ben and Mac'N'Cheese, brushing teeth together and laughing hysterically whenever Mom says "Spit!" and makes a spitting noise to demonstrate.  


Robert said...

I wish it all could be different and that you would have easy pregnancies. I don't like to see you suffer but the rewards - as you point out - are the greatest happiness (and sometimes sadness) that can be found anywhere. And your boys are very special and fun.

Love, Dad

Whitney Erickson said...

Well if you ever get lonely at 3am, I am usually awake. Maybe we should start our own game of Borderlands 2 in the wee hours?! ;)

Mike Erickson said...

Ha, awesome, you should play borderlands at 3 am together. That would be hilarious.