Sunday, December 9, 2012

Helping Out Little Brother

Tonight is the first night of Zeke and Ben in the same room at bedtime. It was a rough bedtime, and Ben was very sad that he wasn't in his normal crib in the back bedroom.

That's why we were pleased when, after a few minutes, we heard them being very happy together and laughing in their room.

"Great," we thought, "Zeke is showing Ben all the games and play ideas he normally goes through after lights out, and he sure loves an audience."

After about 45 minutes, we thought we would see why they were still being so loud and to help them calm down a little to fall asleep.

That's when we saw this:

Where do I sleep?
In the words of Zeke, "Ben was sad so I gave him some toys."

Just to clarify, Zeke didn't give Ben some toys. Zeke gave Ben all of the toys in the set of 9 toy tubs in his organizer, the tubs themselves, all of the books in the bookshelf, a few larger toys from the closet, a collection of Ben, Zeke and Dad shoes from down the hall, some pillows, and a ruler.

Ben was visibly tired and looking a little concerned that he couldn't lie down in his crib. Zeke was very pleased with himself and certain that he had done an excellent job getting Ben happy.

We clearly need to work out better rules for bedtime.  And maybe next time we should wait to die of laughter until after we clean up and put them back to bed.

Here are some more picture of the aftermath.

The empty shelves to the left


Robert said...

What a good brother... that Zeke. I'm sure this will all work out and they can share this room together - after some new rules.

Love, Mom & Dad

Dimples :) said...

That is awesome!