Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's Christmas time!
We put up the tree (and then had a lighting issue and took everything down and put it all back up again).  The boys are interested in the tree, but they also believe in experimentation.  Zeke managed to break an ornament that was made of baked play dough by licking it to pieces, and Ben is determined to electrocute himself with the lights.
I made two batches of fudge last week (one terrible, one quite good) and they've been waiting in the freezer for a good purpose.  So, tonight we attempted a little Christmas caroling at a neighbor's house.  Mike suggested that we do something that would include the boys, so the jingle bells came out.  Of course, I insisted on a little costuming, which Zeke loved.  (He's pretty handy with scissors and a glue stick.)
Zeke pouted through the song, but at least Ben shook his bells energetically.  It was a bit of a let down to our neighbor, who really enjoyed the brass last year.  We might just save the rest of the fudge for our own bellies.  


renée said...

Two adorable boys, some Christmas songs, and homemade fudge is a letdown? You are welcome to come caroling at my place ANY time! :o)

Mike Erickson said...

Thanks, Renee! Maybe we will.

I don't think out neighbor was actually disappointed, but I think Tina was a little disappointed. She likes the tradition of horns.

Robert said...

We would love to have the reluctant carolers at our door. The hats are wonderful. And we love jingle bells.
Love Mom & Dad

Hi Lowe! said...

haha! Oh Tina! :) How I miss you... SO fun! I just love your posts!