Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are we sleeping yet?

Yes. There is more sleeping in my house now. The Zeke sleep problem has been well-managed with a gate, calm, gentle parenting, a blue light from Target, and a fancy timer. I am learning that there is no "solution" to Zeke's developing physical abilities and strong will - these are good changes that show he is growing up. I have a new understanding of the song lyric, "Buildings and bridges are made to sway in the wind/to withstand the world that's what it takes."

Awesome shirt, Zeke!

Ben also continues to grow, and I mean grow. He is outrageously long for a 3 month old. For example, we're trying size 1 year pajamas tonight because the 9 month pjs are just too short. Also, I had to make a special swaddle blanket for him that is 61" square because they don't make swaddle blankets for giant babies. He's also too long for our double stroller, but he's too young to sit up yet. Crazy times.
Aren't these great problems to have?


thisismike said...

What? No pictures? I'll have to fix that later.

The blue light from Target gave me the opportunity to use my new soldering iron, which is awesome. Please discontinue reading if you are easily bored.

The light comes equipped with rechargeable batteries, but we want to operate the light on a timer, which means I needed to rewire the DC input to bypass the batteries. I didn't do very well in EE1, so I cut wires and touched them together until I found a circuit that worked. There have not been any house fires yet, although I can't guarantee that the power to the LEDs is properly limited by the resistors on the board.

Hi Lowe! said...

Yay for growing kids! :)

Tami said...

You need to come by for a playdate so I can see you--and your cute boys also! I miss you!

Sally said...

Yay for sleep!

We miss you Tina! When will we see you again? Want to come to a cooking class next Tues at Eileen Johnsons? 7:30. Making bread.

And June 8 is our RS service auction. As an official MB Ward alumnus you are required to come. Please?