Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Status Report

Hello again!
I decided to climb out of my hermitage and make contact with the world. Mike has been back to work a whole seven actual business days, and I have not yet turned into a puddle of mush. Being the caretaker for two little boys instead of just one is much more work, but it is the same kind of work so I'm pretty confident I can do it. It's like doing twice the job for the same pay. I didn't even get a fancier title.
In more important news, tonight I made meatballs to go with our spaghetti. The meatballs were made of good seasonings, bread crumbs, onions, tofu, and egg to hold it all together (no actual meat). They were actually good. I have ideas for improvement for next time, but not a bad first run.


thisismike said...

I think we should open up the floor for new titles for Tina. I propose the following:

1. Super Tina
2. Chief Executive Officer
3. More Awesome Than Ever

Nicole said...

You are fabulous! I love the more work with no raise. You were upgraded titles from mother of 1 to mother of 2. Not every woman gets that title bump!