Friday, March 18, 2011

Language Development

Our family members have made significant strides in language recently.

Ben is now cooing and ahhing and making other non-crying noises that generally melt my heart. It's terrific.

Zeke recently said his first 3 word phrase: "Throw! Hat! Guy!"
It was motivated by this crazy YouTube Video: Chicken Song
Zeke has been exploring two word phrases for a few weeks now, and my favorite is "Good. Work." which he usually says after he starts working on a poop.

Tina has lost most of her vocabulary and communicates largely with grunts and gestures. Her most common 26 word phrase is "Don't touch him! Don't!- Just leave him alone! Do you know what 'alone' means? Back up - no - just, just walk away Zeke. Get away from him!"

Mike is now very practiced at the following phrase: "Do you have enough chocolate?"

Below: Zeke identifies himself as a "Cool Dude."


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haha! I totally relate with the 26 word phrase! =)