Monday, February 7, 2011

Attachments -OR- We don't have very many picture to share

We are all excited to have Benjamin home, although not excited enough to take all the pictures that we should be taking. Here's one from the hospital. He was grumpy.


We've been trying out various nicknames for him, and I have compiled this list:
  • Grumpy (see above).
  • Ben (the obvious choice).
  • The Chairman, after Bernanke, Chairman of the Fed. (not Mao)
  • Linus, after Benjamin Linus from LOST.
  • Netanyahu, the PM of Israel.
If you have other recommendations, please comment below or contact us directly.  Or just call him that name.

I took another video in the hospital, which I will share here.  It is of Ben, and has no sound.

Zeke is getting along fine at home, although since Dad has been taking Zeke out during the day to let Mom rest, we are finding that he has developed a cute attachment to Dad and a concerning resistance to allowing Mom to help. For example, Mom wanted to do the bedtime routine tonight, which is typically a Dad activity anyway, but Zeke wanted to fight at each step of the way. He even motioned that Dad should give the baby to Mom so Dad could read books (we're working on words and this would have required several new words to communicate).

Another example is when Mom took Zeke to the Doctor today. Dad stayed home to take care of Ben, and Zeke cried for half an hour in the waiting room. Tina reports that it went like this:

Zeke: "Dadada... [tears]"
Tina: "He's at home."
Zeke: "Dadada... [sobs]"
Tina: "He's at home."
Zeke: "Dadada... [rubs snot on the clean shirt Mom put on 5 minutes before leaving the house] "
Tina: "He's at home."

This will have to change when Dad goes back to work.  Until then, we are happy, tired and ... well, mostly tired.


ol' Bob said...

Sorry, but I'm Grumpy, or at least Grumpa. Benjamin will have to make do with the other names.

unicorn girl said...
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