Monday, January 17, 2011

No baby, yet

No one is more disappointed that I am, but we are still a one-child family.

I have no reason to expect that Thing2 will come sooner than January 25th, but I find myself becoming more frustrated the closer we get to that date with nothing to show for it. I have known many women who bear pregnancy with grace, beauty, and patience. I am not one of them.

Even the maternity clothes are snug fitting now, Mike is tired of hearing about my aches and pains, and last night sleep was difficult even in my special sleeping chair. And I waddle. Just like a duck.

Thanks for the well-wishes and support - we'll let you know as soon as anything starts happening.


thisismike said...

The good news is that Zeke LOVES ducks. So, there's that.

luke&whit said...

I am not tired of hearing about your aches and pains! Call me! :)

ol' Bob said...

Maurine feels your pain. I can only imagine it.