Monday, January 3, 2011


This year, for Christmas, Zeke got Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease. We were in an urgent care center on Christmas Eve and spent almost a full week recovering. Mike and I took turns holding an inconsolable little boy and waking up with him at night. We were very grateful that he got this before BabyBoy#2 comes and not after. This disease is not survivable (for the parents) if there is also a newborn in the house.

For the curious, this picture is relevant because one of the first solid foods that Zeke would eat again was Fruit Loops, and he ate them because we poured them into this awesome 4-square plate (thanks Grandparents!) and stacked them in little soggy piles to distract him while he ate.  He enjoyed the game very much, and we were relieved to be tricking him into eating, even if the food had no nutrition.  This was on day 4 of the illness.

It should be noted that soggy Fruit Loops are easier to stack than dry Fruit Loops.

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