Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ben Goes to the NICU

They just took Ben up to the NICU. It should be on the same floor as the post-partum/recovery unit, in my opinion, but no one consulted me when the hospital was designed. I've got my tennis shoes on so I will be ready to go as soon as they come to get me to go see him.
They tell me this is preventative care and not to worry, but none of that makes sense to my hormone influenced brain. Ben is not eating and not pooping or peeing, and the tests they did suggest a blockage of some sort. There was a doctor who used the word "surgery", but he tried to make it sound like last-resort thing.
I guess the plan to be discharged on Thursday needs to be revised.


Dimples :) said...

Good luck with everything. Keep us posted.

luke&whit said...

Wish I was a bonafide nurse so I could help him get better!