Thursday, July 8, 2010

Naming Conventions

For those who are unaware, our cute Zeke is going to be a brother. If you missed the announcement, just click here.

You might be wondering why we called him Jaguar Paw. Well, back when we had the Mike and Tina Pregnancy Blog hosted elsewhere, we posted a poll with a few names we had been considering and asking for people to vote on the names.

Jaguar Paw
Some nefarious people convinced Mike to add "Jaguar Paw" to the list, a name which comes from the main character of the blockbuster, Apocalypto. Through the power of the Internets, "Jaguar Paw" quickly rose in popularity until it was clear that our boy would become a great Mayan warrior, at least in name.

Not to be outdone, we would like to open up the voting once more, but this time, we are going to allow even more participation.

Please follow this link to our name suggestion form where you can provide all of the crazy name ideas you can think of. We will post the responses as time allows, and maybe open up voting after we have collected a series of names.

The Real Jaguar Paw


luke&whit said...

I still vote for Oswald!

thisismike said...

I'm sorry, but your vote doesn't count unless you submit through the form.

And I think G'PaE might have a problem with Oswald, what with all the work he's done on those JFK documentaries!