Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot Weekend Away

Mike swelters in the humid afternoon heat

This past weekend we took a trip to MiddleAmerica to visit my brother, Litos, and his family. It turned out to be an ad hoc Family Reunion for my side of the family, motivated by our celebration of Litos' safe return from Iraq. We had crazy fun times, as you can see Zeke enjoying below:

We also participated in a cupcake decorating competition and won an honorable mention (of sorts). Most of the other participants were actual skilled pastry chefs and they accused us of cheating because we went to the library and found books on cupcake decorating, and then brought our own supplies to make the following:
Doesn't that look like delicious hot corn on the cob? I don't think using the library is cheating, and we didn't break any rules either.
The time change has been rough on Zeke, as was the travel part. We decided that we are no longer interested in traveling anywhere with Zeke if it takes more than an hour.

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Dimples :) said...

That is such a cute cupcake! Using a library book is definitely not cheating. It is innovative! I'm sure my boys wouldn't mind eating that kind of corn. Yum! p.s. Humidity stinks!